Direct Care Workers

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Direct care workers provide basic personal care and home care to individuals with disabilities in their homes. This website offers training for Homemakers and Personal Care Attendants (PCA), two types of direct care workers.

You can be hired as a direct care worker by:

  1. A home care agency
  2. A consumer-employer (individual with a disability)

What are the differences between being hired by a home care agency and a consumer-employer?

Question DCW hired by a consumer-employer Home Care Agency
What are some direct care workers job titles? Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Home Health Aide (HHA) and Personal Care Homemaker, to name a few
Who gives the direct care worker their list of tasks to perform? Consumer-employer (the person with the disability) Registered nurse


Direct Care Worker Training

Both Homemakers and PCAs are required to complete new hire orientation training after they are hired.

Question PCAs Homemakers
Is training required before getting hired? No, training is recommended. State-approved training is required.
Can I start the training right now? Yes, start the Fundamentals of Home Care training here. Yes, start the Personal and Home Care Aide State Training here.
How long is the training? This training should take about six (6) hours to complete. This training should take about 37 hours to complete.


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